Elevate your small business with a

Small Business VoIP System

Stop missing important calls and boost your productivity with a modern PBX system. 


What is VoIP (Voice over IP)?


VoIP is an alternative to traditional phone service that offers more automation and better usability for clients.

Stop manually doing tedious tasks, such as call forwarding or listening through lengthy voicemails. You could use the time to focus on critical tasks for your business.

Are you sometimes unreachable while on the move? Don’t let your clients down – VoIP PBX will help you stay on top of everything.

You should look and sound professional from the first client contact. Start leaving great impressions from the first spoken word.


  • Less costly than standard phone systems

  • Call recording, queuing and auto-attendants

  • Access to helpful call analytics

  • Intuitive apps you can use from your cell phone

Show your clients you’re there for them with:

Increased productivity

Phone numbers can ring on multiple devices before proceeding to voicemail using different methods like round-robin or simultaneous ringing.


You can easily stay connected to your clients through your cell phone and computer – in and out of the office.

Effective announcements

Let your VoIP phone system inform your clients of notices, updates, or essential info – even outside of working hours.


Video conferencing and virtual assistant at your fingertips. Voicemail and faxes get automatically forwarded to your email.

Need ongoing support or just looking around for new phone systems?

we have your back.

PRO is a certified reseller of 3CX – an award-winning and feature-rich VoIP system that has proved to be perfect for small businesses.

Our trained and certified Voice over IP engineers can seamlessly set you up with the new system and provide ongoing support – whether you need to change your greeting message, change opening times, change numbers – we can help.

PRO’s affordable ongoing support packages have proved especially useful for small businesses with a high (seasonal) call volume, such as landscapers, hospitality businesses, restaurants, wedding venues, etc.

Having a high uptime ensures that no client falls through the cracks, and you are not spending time giving out the essential information. Using a PBX (private telephone network) allows you to set a new standard.

How to get started?

1. Schedule a free consultation

Unless you already know what you want, we offer a free VoIP consultation to explain your options and propose the best course of action for your business type. It is in our best interest, too, for you to make an educated and informed decision.

2. We study your needs and requirements

We will identify your needs and current setup – you can choose either on-site or cloud hosting. We usually recommend cloud hosting due to excellent uptime, smaller initial setup costs, and easier management. We recommend on-premise deployment if your small business has specific security needs, or if the necessary infrastructure is already in place.

3. we set it up and ensure everything is working

The PROs will work closely with your team to make sure everybody can benefit from the new VoIP system. We also offer support and maintenance plans to keep everything in great order and ensure optimal work.

VoIP Pricing

The pricing for setting up a VoIP system starts at $350 for four simultaneous phone calls.

The pricing for monthly maintenance and support starts at $75 for four simultaneous phone calls.

About PRO

We recognize that people and organizations have different technological skills and needs. We strive in our approach to lend an empathetic ear to our clients’ situations and provide them with reliable solutions.

We can resolve just about any IT issue, as we offer a high level of friendly and professional services at competitive rates.

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