3CX Phone System Setup and Support

Stop missing important calls and boost your productivity with a modern VoIP phone system. 


What is VoIP (Voice over IP)?


VoIP is an alternative to traditional phone service that offers more automation and better usability for clients.

Become more efficient with the 3CX Phone System

PRO is a certified and experienced reseller of 3CX – an award-winning and feature-rich VoIP system that has proved to be perfect for small businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Our skilled and trained Voice over IP engineers can seamlessly set you up with the new system and provide ongoing support and maintenance as needed. 

PRO’s affordable ongoing support packages have proved especially useful for small businesses with a high (seasonal) call volume, such as landscapers, hospitality businesses, restaurants, wedding venues, etc.

Having a high uptime ensures that no client falls through the cracks, and you are not spending valuable time repeating basic information. Using a PBX (private telephone network) allows you to set a new standard.

3CX Phone System benefits

What makes 3CX different from other VoIP providers?

3CX is a VoIP business telephone system provider that simplifies your day-to-day business operations.

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3CX Phone system price

The pricing for setting up a VoIP system starts at $350 for four simultaneous phone calls.

The pricing for monthly maintenance and support starts at $75 for four simultaneous phone calls.

1. Schedule a free consultation

Use our free VoIP consultation by filling out the form on this page to understand your options and choose the best solution for your business type

2. The PROs put together a plan

Based on your answer, we put together a plan for the perfect VoIP solution for your small business or nonprofit organization

3. Setup and support

We set your VoIP phone system up and support your users to ensure optimal usage

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