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Client’s IT problems

  1. The client was using an old version of Asterisk, an open-source VoIP phone system hosted on-site and managed in-house
  2. Attempting to replace an outdated firewall rendered the VoIP phone system inoperational, leaving the business with no functioning phone system at all


  • After some troubleshooting and communicating with an unresponsive SIP carrier, which took days to help address the issue, PRO proposed migrating the VoIP phone system to 3CX, an ‘open platform.’ 3CX does not tie the customer to any particular VoIP carrier, phone, or host. With 3CX, the customer stays in control of their system and data. It’s all about freedom of choice!
  • As a 3CX certified consultant, PRO set up a clear plan to start migrating the system to the cloud to take advantage of the free one year hosting and eliminate the potential problems when hosted on-premise at the client office.
  • We advised the client to port the numbers to Flowroute; a 3CX preferred VoIP provider with an easily manageable web interface and excellent prices — no contracts or cancelation fees. They receive all basic SIP features such as instant phone number purchasing (DID’s), enhanced 911, T.38 analog fax, caller ID, and much more.
  • While the phone numbers were being ported, PRO worked with the client to prepare the system: setup extensions, provision phones, create inbound/outbound rules, create ring groups, and define call flows for each one of the four companies that the client was operating thru the PBX. When the porting day came, and the phone numbers hit the Flowroute servers, everything was ready on the 3CX server, and calls started to flow in and out.

A stable VoIP Phone System

Since 3CX is hosted in the cloud, there is no hardware to maintain on-site or troubleshoot connectivity thru the local firewall/network.

Lower monthly costs

Since Flowroute charges you for only used minutes and has fixed phone number charges, the client will save over 50% of SIP fees versus the previous provider.

No more downtime

Tweaking the system and training the internal IT consultant to provide efficient level I support. In the future, updates are performed regularly, and we'll provide Level II support if needed.


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