Manufacturing business

Pro portfolio Manufacturing Business Manufacturing company for precise industries (including hydraulics, aerospace, defense, automotive, and industrial) with over 40 employees near Chicago, IL, looking to open a new shop.   0 employees 0 location Client’s IT

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Training & Apprenticeship Center

Pro portfolio Training & Apprenticeship Center A non-profit organization in charge of training and apprenticeships for men and women seeking a career in the Electrical Construction Industry.  The organization has a back-office, six trainers, and

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Academic Coaching Program

Pro portfolio Academic Coaching Program A tutoring program using practical application to achieve national and state goals for reading, math, and fine arts. 0 locations 0 employees Client’s IT problems The client was using an

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Logistics Startup

Pro portfolio Logistics Startup A container logistics start-up company with users on five continents. The company has a BYOD policy, and employees and consultants work remotely from the USA, Brazil, South Africa, China, and India.

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Most popular RAID levels explained

You might have heard what RAID stands for. RAID is an abbreviation from Redundant Array of Independent Disks. Having independent disks is the main idea behind RAID since it improves the fault tolerance and the

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Addressing IPs

You may have already heard about IP-addresses and maybe even the different versions of IP-addresses. We have currently been using IPv4 (the acronym stands for Internet Protocol version 4), but since all the addresses are

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