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Manufacturing Business

Manufacturing company for precise industries (including hydraulics, aerospace, defense, automotive, and industrial) with over 40 employees near Chicago, IL, looking to open a new shop.  


Client’s IT problems

  1. Frequent network disconnections due to the antiquated network infrastructure  
  2. Difficulty managing all users in an expanding business
  3. Spotty Wi-Fi connection in the office causing interruptions in work 
  4. No central, secure system to store files


  • We set up a domain controller and a file server to easily manage users and to offer a centralized, secure location for their data. We worked closely with the ERP consultant to specify, build, and deploy on-site a custom Windows 2019 Server that will host the company’s new Global Shop ERP system.

  • We migrated 11 email accounts from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365, lowering the operating costs. We also included 2 Factor Authentication for an extra layer of security and synchronized the on-premise Active Directory users with the MS 365 users.  

  • Added antivirus and anti-malware protection for the servers and workstations, and created an on-premise+cloud backup and disaster recovery plan for the mission-critical business infrastructure: Domain Controller, File Server, and ERP Server 

  • Set up six new Wi-Fi access points to get full coverage throughout the office, including creating a separate secure VLAN for VoIP phones to optimize the network traffic.  

  • We traced and labeled all cables and devices for faster troubleshooting and upgrades in the future. 

Higher email security with a lower monthly cost

The business now has lower email costs thanks to moving away from the GoDaddy tenant and has increased security with 2 Factor Authentication.

Faster network speeds with great Wi-Fi coverage

No more network disconnections or users not being able to access the shared files. Adding the more APs strengthen the Wi-Fi signal through the office, keeping users connected while on the move.

Centrally shared files with granular control over end-user access

The domain controller allows central management and security control for all computers on the domain. Managers can control users' devices and push updates, changes, and more from one central place.


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