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Training & Apprenticeship Center

A non-profit organization in charge of training and apprenticeships for men and women seeking a career in the Electrical Construction Industry.  The organization has a back-office, six trainers, and a computer lab. 


Client’s IT problems

  1. Needed a unified yet segmented system to manage office users, trainers, and the students in the lab
  2. Outdated network devices and IT infrastructure  
  3. Computers did not have the latest security updates and had no centralized antivirus/anti-malware security
  4. No on-site or offsite backup and disaster recover plan for the files that were scattered over several servers 
  5. The director, while having the necessary technical skills, did not have the professional expertise to overhaul the entire infrastructure and needed to partner with an inexpensive and flexible IT Partner


  • Install a new 2019 Windows Server hypervisor that hosts 3 Virtual Machines: Domain Controller, File Server, and Application VM for the accounting software QuickBooks. 

  • Create separate Security Groups in the domain controller for the back-office, trainers, and students. The student computers are set up in Active Directory as a separate group with specific privileges to lock down their permission levels without access to the trainers or back-office shared files or printers. 

  • Install a new SonicWALL firewall to secure and protect the local network against threats. Create a private VPN connection for the back-office users and the trainers to access shared files when working remotely from home or on the road.  

  • Create a remote maintenance schedule to remotely apply daily updates to the computers and servers. Installed Bitdefender Endpoint Security across the entire organization to ensure none of them are compromised by malware.

  • Work closely with the organization’s director to design and implement a cloud + local backup and disaster recovery plan, mirroring the infrastructure in Microsoft Azure.  

A more secure IT infrastructure

Having student computers under a specific group ensures that they have no access to the back-office data while the trainers can quickly remove or edit access, change passwords, and more.

Reliable on-site and offsite backup schedule.

Business-critical data and systems are now backed-up on-site for faster recovery and offsite in the cloud if a local disaster occurs.

Peace of mind and no more waiting for IT issues to be resolved

PRO's Service Desk and proactive maintenance schedule ensure that the non-profit organization doesn't suffer from any downtime while the director has peace of mind that the back-end IT tasks are completed on time and budget.


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