IT Support for Chicago Nonprofit Organizations

From responsive Help Desk Support to cyberescurity compliance, you can count on the PROs to drive your mission forward.

IT Support for Chicago Nonprofit Organizations

From responsive Help Desk Support to cyberescurity compliance, you can count on the PROs to drive your mission forward.

Why Choose PRO’s IT Support for Nonprofits?

Running a successful nonprofit takes lots of hard work and budgeting. After all, you have a fiduciary responsibility to donors to operate your IT infrastructure efficiently and securely.

Our goal is to help you focus on your mission, protect your members and donors’ data, and solve any technical issues affordably and reliably so you can push your goals forward.


The PROs know that operating a strong nonprofit organization brings on unique challenges, including:

Your organization is unique

We can help navigate your way through Microsoft’s Nonprofit offers and  take advantage of customized offerings to ensure collaboration, productivity, and security of your organization.

After finding the most cost-efficient and suitable solutions tailored for your NPO,  we get to work so you can focus on what’s important. Get in touch today.

Why choose IT Support for your nonprofit organization

Increased productivity

By spending less time on troubleshooting technology, your nonprofit can dedicate more time to interacting with donors and sponsors who help drive your mission.

Security standard compliance

The PROs help your charity reach compliance with necessary security standards including HIPAA.

Lowered IT costs

Our proactive packages designed for nonprofit organizations help avoid snowballing costs and help keep your IT spending to a minimum.

Bigger impact

Using the right technical tools helps your dedicated team to boost fundraising and expand your nonprofit organization’s impact.

It all starts with a friendly introduction call.

PRO’s IT Services for NPOs

Your nonprofit organization is reliant on a stable network connection — the PROs will monitor and manage your network to ensure minimal interruption to work.

Instead of juggling between vendors to troubleshoot, you can leave it to our support engineers – from patching and updates to troubleshooting and incident management.

As a Microsoft Partner, we have the know-how and experience to streamline your workflow, including discovering business insights, and creating personal connections with donors.

We will set you up with free Microsoft 365 Business Premium for Nonprofit licenses and ensure your data is safely stored in the Cloud.

PRO’s responsive and efficient unlimited Help Desk support helps employees with any tech issue they might come across.

We work diligently to ensure your organization has the right tools and know-how needed to make the best decisions that are aligned with your goals.

Virtualization helps utilize hardware in an efficient, affordable and easily scalable way.

Running multiple applications on the same (virtualized) device helps divide resources effortlessly, provides portability and decreases expenses while opening up resources for more meaningful work.

The helpful features and scalability provided by Microsoft Team allows your team to collaborate more efficiently and reach more people.

We will set up Microsoft Teams Phone to give you access to conferencing, call queues, an auto-attendant, and more – all conveniently accessible on your desktop, mobile, or desktop phones.

We design and host websites for Chicago nonprofit organizations that help bring attention to your mission and reach more donors.

PRO’s web design team focuses on clear messaging and impactful design to make you truly stand out.

PRO’s Help Desk Support for Nonprofits fully support a variety of software and tools used in nonprofit organizations, including:

Questions we may ask in your discovery call:

Empower your Chicago nonprofit organization with excellent IT



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