IT Support for Engineering and Design Companies in Chicago

From setting up robust workstations to ensuring high uptime and providing fast Help Desk support, you can count on our reliability.

IT Support for Engineering and Design Companies in Chicago

From setting up robust workstations to ensuring high uptime and providing fast Help Desk support, you can count on our reliability.

Enjoy award-winning IT Services for your Chicago Engineering or Design Company

Engineering firms and and design businesses are often left at the mercy of their end-user devices and network since most of the work is done using powerful and resource-heavy software, such as CAD, the Adobe Suite and 3D rendering tools.

PRO’s Managed IT Support for engineers and designers provide reliable hands-on support needed to efficiently carry out day-to-day tasks and make strategic decisions about your IT infrastructure. Our years of experience partnering with engineering and design companies in Chicago has helped us understand the complex requirements within this field and respond dynamically.

The technical challenges of running a successful engineering company or design business include:

Why choose PRO's IT Support for your Engineering or Design Firm

State-of-the-art data safety

We specialize in supporting small law firms and attorneys who are growing their business. We understand your need for fast, reliable Help Desk support and a personal, customized approach.

Single point of contact

Forget about chasing vendors around or facilitating problem solving between several parties. Need help with procurement, Cloud solutions, networking or hardware isues? Call our Help Desk, speak to your familiar tech and we will take care of it.

Reliable help desk support

Enjoy unlimited ultra fast Help Desk support for any of your employees technical issue – network down? Software freezing? Can’t make calls? Just reach out and get a tech on your case in seconds.

Disaster Recovery Strategy

Our full Chicago IT Support for Engineering and Design companies includes a strategy for your entire business, including a disaster recovery plan to adequately prepare you for all worst case scenarios and provide regular backups for your data.

It all starts with a friendly introduction call.

PRO’s IT services for Design and Engineering Firms in Chicago

PRO’s skilled Cloud Engineers can help move your entire business to the Cloud and  utilize Cloud Computing to maximize your efficiency while cutting down on costs.

Cloud Services and Virtualization for Engineering and Design businesses help make the most out of your technology, provide safe access to your data and easy file sharing with your colleagues that boosts collaboration on projects.

Whether you need to upgrade your workstations or are just getting started with business-grade equipment, we will plan, purchase and configure the best hard- and software solutions for your business.

We’ll ensure your new IT infrastructure integrates with all your existing devices and seamlessly fits into your business while providing more value.

PRO’s responsive and efficient unlimited Help Desk support helps you and your employees with any tech issue they might come across – ultra fast.

Approaching deadlines, creative work and tasks requiring high focus cannot accommodate any downtime. From network support, email or call issues to software patches and troubleshooting, you can count on us.

Your intellectual property and client data needs to be protected from cyber criminals who often target smaller businesses with smaller security budgets.

We will ensure all of your data is protected by PRO’s Managed Security, including configuring email encryption and filtering, multi-factor authentication, data loss and threat protection, and more.

Outsourcing your IT project to PRO’s IT Consultants who are intimately familiar with the ins and outs of your engineering or design firm gives you access to years of professional project planning, management and implementation experience.

We can help with workstation upgrades, email migration, cloud migration, virtualization network upgrades, general consulting and more.

We design and host websites for growing Engineering firms and Design companies in Chicago who want to showcase their talents and capabilities.

PRO’s web design team focuses on clear messaging, easy navigation and impactful design to make you truly stand out among other companies operating in your field.

We have vast experience with supporting a variety of engineering and design specific software, including (but not limited to):

Empower your Chicago Engineering and Design business with excellent IT Services

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