Predict and control IT costs with

exceptional Flat Rate Business IT Support

Most small business owners wear many hats –
you probably do, too.

Doing a good job is complicated when you get dragged into minor issues that halt the business’ operations.

Your employees should be able to do their jobs efficiently instead of chasing down IT techs.
Call PRO for any tech issue and free yourself from spending time on trying to get IT to work.

Business IT Support benefits include:

  • More time for meaningful work
  • No unexpected costs
  • A quick & personal support network a phone call away
  • More security for your systems and computers
  • Staying on top of IT and the best practices
  • Support for both hardware and software

does flat rate it fit my business?

proactive approach with essential protection

business essentials

  • Unlimited remote support – priority service
  • Antivirus/anti-malware protection (managed by the PROs)
  • Web content filtering for suspicious sites
  • Dark Web domain monitoring for private information theft
  • Weekly health report
  • On-site support 15% off
  • Labor for in-shop repairs 15% off
  • Office365 and G Suite Management
  • Business Applications Support

STARTING AT $60 PER MONTH per computer


  • Your IT guy is unreliable or you don’t have an IT guy
  • You understand the importance of tech and want a  proactive approach
  • Some employees work or plan to work remotely
  • You need a central place for IT troubleshooting
  • You might expand in the next few months or years
  • You are not sure where your business stands with IT
  • Your business has a NAS or server

Dedicated it team with advanced cybersecurity protection

business essentials PLUS

  • Essentials +
  • Backup in the Cloud
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Advanced email protection
  • 24/7 network monitoring, maintenance, and support
  • Developing and maintaining a disaster & backup recovery plan
  • Dark Web monitoring to protect your personal data
  • Biannual phishing simulations for employees
  • Yearly virtual CTO meeting

STARTING AT $85 PER MONTH per computer


  • Your current IT support is not responsive enough
  • You need a more strategic approach for your IT
  • You understand the importance of tech and want a proactive approach
  • Your business handles sensitive information & needs to be compliant
  • You need a comprehensive cybersecurity plan


  1. Give us a call (number below) or fill the form below with your basic information
  2. Our techs will schedule a time to walk you through any questions you might have and start the onboarding if you’re ready to get started
  3. We install remote software on our computer and introduce your new IT team to you so you can start feeling better about your technology

“PRO streamlined all our services, and fixed problems we didn’t even know we had.”

— John Serritella

About PRO

We recognize that people and organizations have different technological skills and needs. We strive in our approach to lend an empathetic ear to our clients’ situations and provide them with reliable solutions.

We can resolve just about any IT issue, as we offer a high level of friendly and professional services at competitive rates.

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