IT Support for Chicago Law Firms

From increasing your billable hours to keeping your sensitive data safe, the PROs help you maximize your firm’s efficiency.

IT Support for Chicago Law Firms

From increasing your billable hours to keeping your sensitive data safe, the PROs help you maximize your firm’s efficiency.

Get award-winning legal IT Support & Services for your Chicago Law Firm

Many small law offices or solo practicioners in Chicago don’t have a dedicated IT team to ensure their firm is running efficiently.

You might struggle with spending time on troubleshooting IT issues instead of focusing on the important tasks that directly affect your bottom line. Or you might not know if sensitive client data might be accessible to cyber criminals, threatening your business reputation.

We help fill the gap in your technology infrastructure by providing excellent IT support, focusing on increasing your billable time, protecting your sensitive data, and boosting collaboration.

Some of the benefits you can expect:

You’re in
good company.

Join other successful firms using Chicago IT Support for lawyers and attorneys to utilize technology to the fullest.

Why choose PRO's IT Support for your Law Office

Designed for small law firms

We specialize in supporting small law firms and attorneys who are growing their business. We understand your need for fast, reliable Help Desk support and a personal, customized approach.

Single point of contact

Forget about chasing vendors around or facilitating problem solving between several parties. Give the PROs a call, speak to your familiar tech and we will take care of the issue for you.

Reliable help desk support

Enjoy unlimited Help Desk support for any of your employees technical issue – network down? Software freezing? Can’t make calls? Just reach out and get a tech on your case in seconds.

Disaster Recovery Strategy

PRO’s IT support for lawyers can help you develop a strategy for your entire business, including a disaster recovery plan to adequately prepare you for all the technical worst case scenarios.

It all starts with a friendly introduction call.

PRO’s IT services for Chicago Law Offices

As a Microsoft Partner, we have the know-how and experience to simplify collaboration, provide tools for safe online data transmission, and gain better insight to your business.

We assess your current workflow and help you get more done in less time – safely –  with the help of Cloud Services.

Every hour lost to a network outage means an hour of missed billable time and an extra hour your client needs to wait – with PRO, you can stop worrying about outages for good.

Instead of juggling between vendors in case of issues, leave it to our network engineers – from patching and updates to troubleshooting and incident management.

PRO’s responsive and efficient unlimited Help Desk support helps you and your employees with any tech issue they might come across.

Every minute matters for attorneys and lawyers, so we have to be ultra responsive to any help request. From network troubleshooting, email or call issues to software patches and employee training, you can count on us.

Your clients’ sensitive data needs to be protected from cyber criminals who target smaller law firms in the hopes of getting lucky with a ransom.

We will ensure all of your data is protected by state-of-the-art systems and backed up, so you (and only you) can always have easy access to your crucial documents.

Outsourcing your IT project to PRO’s legal IT Consultants gives you access to years of professional project planning, management and implementation experience.

We can help with phone system upgrades, email migration, cloud migration, network upgrades, general consulting and more.

We design and host websites for small Law Offices, attorneys and lawyers in Chicago who want to showcase their expertise and attract more clientele.

PRO’s web design team focuses on clear messaging, easy navigation and impactful design to make you truly stand out among other law firms in Chicago.

Empower your Chicago Law Firm with excellent IT Services



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