IT Support for Chicago Logistics Firms

From fast and reliable Help Desk to improved operational efficiency, you can count on the PROs to help you meet demands and stay on track.

IT Support for Chicago Logistics Firms

From fast and reliable Help Desk to improved operational efficiency, you can count on the PROs to help you meet demands and stay on track.

Get excellent IT Support for your Logistics and Transportation Company

Speed and planning is crucial in logistics — keeping up with high demand requires deep understanding of your business processes, tools and statistics.

Fast communication between employees, full integration with your software and automating administrative tasks provides faster service and transparency, which keeps clients happy.

We specialize in providing customized Managed IT Support solutions for startups / small logistics and transportation companies (usually ~5 to 50 users) in the Chicagoland area, specifically serving businesses involved with shipping, warehousing, and other types of delivery.

Some of the benefits you can expect:

You’re in
good company.

Join other successful Chicago logistics & transportation service firms using technology to their advantage

Why choose PRO's IT Support for your Logistics Company

Designed for small businesses

We specialize in supporting small logistics companies who are growing, and logistics startups. We are used to dealing with tight time constraints and budgets to get your company up to speed.

Single point of contact

Forget about chasing vendors around or facilitating problem solving between several parties. Give the PROs a call, speak to your familiar tech and we will take care of the issue for you.

Reliable help desk support

Enjoy unlimited Help Desk support for any technical issue – network down? Software freezing? Can’t make calls? Just reach out and get a tech on your case in seconds.

Customized IT plan

To keep your business competitive in the logistics industry, you need to be ready to adopt new tech and more efficient systems. We will be your trusted IT consultants who understand technology and help you design, plan and implement new technologies.

It all starts with a friendly introduction call.

PRO’s IT services for Chicago logistics companies

As a Microsoft Partner, we have the know-how and experience to optimize your distribution and employee collaboration.

We assess your current setup and create goals to set up services that improve your day-to-day, including the Microsoft 365 productivity suite, Microsoft Dynamics and secure cloud backup.

The supply chain doesn’t sleep, and your work is often reliant on a stable network connection. We will monitor and manage your network for minimal interruptions.

Instead of juggling between vendors in case of issues, leave it to our network engineers – from patching and updates to troubleshooting and incident management.

PRO’s responsive and efficient unlimited Help Desk support helps you and your employees with any tech issue they might come across.

We work diligently to ensure work gets done, and keep your clients happy. From network troubleshooting, email or call issues to software patches and employe training, you can count on us.

Virtualization in logistics helps utilize hardware in an efficient, affordable and easily scalable way.

Running multiple applications on the same (virtualized) device helps divide resources effortlessly, provides portability and decreases expenses while opening up resources for better work.

The helpful features and scalability provided by Microsoft Teams Phone allows your team to collaborate more efficiently – on the road or at the office.

We will set up Microsoft Teams Phone to give you access to conferencing, call queues, an auto-attendant, and more – all conveniently accessible on your desktop, mobile, or desktop phones.

We design and host websites for Chicago logistics and transportation businesses that help you connect with clients and become more visible online.

PRO’s web design team focuses on clear messaging, easy navigation and impactful design to make you truly stand out among competition.

Empower your Chicago Logistics company with excellent IT



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