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Get high-quality managed IT Services on an MSB budget

It’s a huge time saver when you can get all of your IT issues resolved fast in one centralized place. Whether it’s failing hardware, buggy software, or an outdated infrastructure — we will manage it.

Concerned about unexpected IT bills? None of those with our predictable IT plans which cover all aspects of your business.

If you use technology the right way and know how to harness its potential, you will be able to skip a lot of manual work and focus on the important.

Each area of IT service is customized to your company’s needs, which allows us to offer high-quality services at an affordable price.

Feel comfortable knowing
you’re in good hands

“PRO’s customer service, prompt resolutions and tremendous knowledge of IT make us feel extremely comfortable having them as our IT solutions vendor.”

— Joseph Giannini

What you can expect from PRO's Managed IT Services:

Reduced pricing & predictable IT budget

Outsourcing IT ensures you’re not paying for unnecessary services while still receiving top-notch help.

HOW? We tailor the needed services around your business type and size, cutting down costs.

More productivity & less sitting around

Stop wasting time, wondering what the problem is or who would resolve the IT issue. We got this.

HOW? When an issue arises, we are often on top of things before you even notice. If another issue comes up, give our main line a call and we’re on it.

Great SMALL business security

PRO monitors and protects your devices to minimize dangers before they snowball into costlier, possibly catastrophic issues.

HOW? For us both to efficiently do our jobs, we proactively secure and support your devices. Nothing gets past us.

A future-ready plan for expansion

Technology changes fast, and we want you to be ready  to scale for more employees, a bigger space, and more clients quickly and efficiently.

HOW? By implementing the best (and most reasonable) technology for your business type that can be expanded effortlessly.

PRO's Managed IT Services include:

Server & nas support

We will maintain or set up your central file system so that all employees can access important files from the home, office, or on the go.


Outsourced help desk allows you to reap the benefits of an in-house IT support tech without the need to hire a full-time employee. No more losing your company’s time over small issues.


Whether your machines get infected with ransomware or your business suffers an outage; we will make sure you are still operating. Backups in the cloud or on-premise give you more peace of mind.


We will make sure your business’ network is working flawlessly, securely, and is scalable.


Using the right VoIP system allows you to automate tedious tasks and look more professional while reducing costs.



We understand the urgency of solving critical problems, so our technicians are available for dispatch around the clock.

Small business cyber security

Have confidence in your SMB Cyber Security

Many small business owners don’t put much thought into cybersecurity – when they really should. Do you have some employees that like to click all over the place and open all sorts of strange emails? Don’t leave the future of your business in the hands of hackers.

Not having a safety net can make you feel uncertain about the future when you should be planning for it.

Don’t leave cyber security to antivirus

Viruses, malware, spyware, adware… A lot is going on nowadays. Believe it or not, stacking a bunch of antiviruses (McAfee, Norton, ESET, etc.) on your computer doesn’t make you more protected.

As a matter of fact, leaving your business’ safety at the hands of an (often free) program can end up pretty badly.

Protect your Wi-Fi

Let’s be honest – we couldn’t function well without reliable Wi-Fi in our business environment. We use it during meetings, on our phones, tablets, laptops, and clients need to have access, too.

Don’t leave yourself and them vulnerable to breaches.
Create guest access to keep your business safe and make sure you are using stable, reliable versions. We’ll help you on the way.

Beware of email threats

There are so many flavors of hackers out there nowadays – all looking to dip into your small business. Some send bulk emails hoping to catch some unsuspecting employees; some try to get access to your company files; some go the extra mile to fool you or your colleagues.

Training employees well is one of the most efficient ways of protecting your business.

A complete business IT security package includes:

Ever had a virus scare? Learn more about how to identify the correct issue

SMBs are especially vulnerable to breaches. Learn how to act in case it happens to yours.

Small business backup & disaster recovery

Every successful small business should have a continuity plan and a backup server. Protect yourself and your clients.

An irreplaceable part of your business is your records. The risk of losing your agreements, invoices, orders, or blueprints is very real.

“Disaster Recovery” often makes you think of natural disasters, but in fact, only 1% of all data loss happens due to natural crises. 99% is due to failing hardware, simple human errors, or getting infected with malware.

Small businesses are especially inclined to suffer severe damages due to disasters since they tend to have lower margins for error.
Stop feeling anxious about possibly losing critical files.

Your Small Business should be protected against:

Getting locked out of DEVICES due to ransomware

Failed hard drives, which contain crucial data

Ex-employees destroying or stealing information

Fires, floods, OR OTHER DISASTERS destroying devices and data

Make an informed decision

It feels great always to have a backup plan in case anything goes wrong.

Getting some peace of mind knowing that the business can quickly recover from disasters or accidental loss is priceless.
An employee accidentally deleted a file or downloaded malware on their computer?
You don’t need to stop everything you’re doing to run to the rescue – we will help and get everyone back on track.

We understand that time is of the essence and that everyone should focus on what they do best.

Learn about what type of physical backup works for your small business

Get a great Small Business IT Support plan

For a customized Managed IT Services package, we discuss every part of your IT to understand your needs.
Here’s how we do it:


Easily schedule a free assessment


We create a customized plan to maximize your potential


We implement the plan so you could breathe easy and know your business is taken care of


How much money are you losing?

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