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What is Structured Cabling?

Your small business is becoming more connected to the web. With all modern business tools, such as VoIP systems, cloud services, and the Internet of Things, we are getting more done with less time. However, all these devices demand their share of your network to work efficiently.

This is where Structured Cabling starts playing a role. Unlike in traditional cabling, Structured Cabling is broken down into small, standardized parts. This division makes the network more scalable, resilient, and easily manageable.

In the past, when we needed fewer devices in the workspace, point-to-point cabling was the most popular option. That means each device had its own internet cable, which all ran into a patch panel or distribution device. The cabling got messier with each added device and made troubleshooting more complex. 

Besides making troubleshooting harder, having a big bundle of messy cables can:

  • Decrease the airflow needed by devices, causing them to overheat

  • Become a fire hazard since cables can spark under pressure and catch fire

  • Seriously complicate simple tasks, like switching out cables or devices

  • Become a liability if someone trips over the cables, possibly breaking cables or equipment in the fall

What are the usual components of Structured Cabling?

Backbone Cabling

Backbone cabling handles most network traffic and connects either floors (intrabuilding cabling) or buildings (interbuilding cabling).

Entrance Facilities

An entrance facility is where all inside cabling connects to the external cables. The facility is considered the termination point for telecommunication cables, interbuilding cabling, and more.

Equipment room

The equipment room houses networking equipment, such as routers and switches. This room is also where the backbone cabling terminates.

Telecommunications Room

In this room, the backbone and horizontal cabling are terminated and connected to telecommunications equipment.

Horizontal cabling

Horizontal cabling helps connect individual workspaces (think cubicles) to the networking hub, like a telecommunications room. Usually, the horizontal cabling terminates in a patch panel where all the workspaces connect to.

Work area

The work area indicates a section with end-user devices (think cubicles with computers, phones, etc.) These are the end-points where horizontal cabling terminates.

What are the advantages of Structured Cabling compared to traditional cabling?

With the explosive rise of necessary network devices and cables, we needed a better way to categorize, structure, and clean up our systems. What worked 20 years ago will most likely not fly today, especially if you plan on expanding your business.

The benefits of using structured cabling are:

  • Easy troubleshooting and infrastructure changes
    Less time and money spent on figuring out issues or replacing/adding devices.
  • Increased device life
    Structured, clean cabling allows devices to have ample airflow, which helps them last longer. And you most likely won’t trip on a big bundle of cables, just eliminating the danger of damaging devices (or hurting yourself!)
  • Simple scaling and flexibility
    If you’re looking to add more employees or even departments to your business, it is convenient to add more devices to your structured system. Are you making changes to your business layout? It will be cheaper and much faster than with traditional cabling.


You need to stay competitive to keep growing your business.
Having a personal IT Support Consultant will help you do just that.

Wiring is the invisible, but irreplaceable component of your business’ technology system.

You can have the most high-end devices, but if your network wiring is unprofessionally installed, you will suffer from connection issues – no way around that.

Our goal is to offer the highest quality service and work. Combined with a complimentary site survey and fast action, you will be up and running in no time.

That’s not where we stop, though – we want to be sure your connection is not spotty, you get promised upload and download speeds and the reliability your business needs.

Employees working from home?

If you are working from home or need access to your work data from on-the-go, you should get set up with VPN. VPN provides a safe “tunnel” from where you’re located to the office, encrypting all data transfers.

Remote work is underrated (I’m writing this on my couch) —
just make sure you stay protected.

PRO’s Chicago networking services include:

Interested in learning about the basics of networking? 

Addressing IPs

You may have already heard about IP-addresses and maybe even the different versions of IP-addresses. We have currently been using IPv4 (the acronym stands for

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pro can help you with:

Surveillance and security systems & RDP setup

  • Installation of IP cameras, CCTV or HQ video surveillance

  • Complimentary consultation and estimate

  • High-quality surveillance systems that fit in your budget

  • Bonded and licensed technicians

  • Using the most up-to-date and relevant systems

Moving to a new office or renovating

  • Coordinating with Internet and phone service providers

  • Creating a blueprint of the area for all necessary devices

  • Quick work that minimizes interruptions in business

  • Logical and intuitive layout of patch panels and outlets

  • Warranty for all part

Network & Fiber optic cable troubleshooting and repair

  • Using specialized tools for efficient and reliable testing

  • Immediate repairs if necessary

  • Fast work that lets you get back to your business

Wi-Fi and network setup

  • Complimentary consultation on the best available options

  • Warranty on all hardware

  • Quick work that minimizes interruptions in business

  • Prompt, friendly, and dependable service

VPN and RDP Setup

  • More anonymity and security while browsing the web

  • Secure and reliable connection to your office from anywhere

  • More safety while using public networks

  • Fast setup, troubleshooting, and maintenance

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