Save your computer from doom

with professional PC and Mac repair

Free diagnosis

If your computer is having vague issues that you can’t pinpoint, we offer a free diagnosis – no strings attached.

Fast turnaround

We diagnose your computer within 1-2 business days, and can return your computer to you within days.

120-day warranty

PRO offers a 120-day warranty to all hardware repairs which serves as a great testimony to our repair quality.

Flat rate services

We offer flat rate services for most of our repairs, such as hard drive replacements, OS installations, software cleanup, and more.

Get your computer repaired fast and at a reasonable price

PRO started off as a computer repair shop, and we have stayed true to our roots.

We are passionate about offering high-quality and professional services without the extreme price tag. Many clients come to us after shopping around at other places and are pleasantly surprised to the structure we have in place. Here’s what you can expect at PRO:

• Stay informed about your service order via our convenient repair portal

• We will always be honest and let you know if the repair is not the best option – spending more for a repair than a new computer is just not worth it

• PRO offers a great after-repair package that includes great antivirus and computer checks to ensure your computer will stay in pristine order for years

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