International Logistics Startup

IT challenges and solutions for a logistiscs start-up company with users on five continents.

Logistics Startup IT Challenge

The container logistics start-up company has employees on four continents. The company has a BYOD (bring your own device) policy, and their employees and consultants work remotely from the USA, Brazil, South Africa, China, and India.
The startup specializes in the automation of overhead container transportation in port terminals around the world, and their goal is to improve the efficiency and operations of the supply chain and ports. The company is picking up fast, and needs professional IT support for their evolving and increasingly more complex IT infrastructure and all 20 employees.
The biggest issues they struggle with are as follows:

The Solution

The logistics company reached out to us due to our specialization and certifications in Microsoft 365  services, our focus on small businesses and affordable rates. Our team started by analyzing their email setup, evaluating their BYOD needs and noting on improvements to the IT infrastructure. We put together a plan of what would help save the startup resources, provide more security to email and user devices, and improve collaboration between employees.

Email migration

We migrated emails under two domains from GoDaddy to the Microsoft 365 tenant since the previous email provider can quickly become limited for a growing business. Our Microsoft 365 experts migrated all email data (for a total of 25 emails) over for a seamless transition to the new system.

Migrating all company data and files to SharePoint and OneDrive to help the business save money while getting more storage space, get access to easier collaboration and better security.

Enhanced email security

We set up 2 Factor Authentication for all accounts to block unauthorized access and provide more security. Our experts configured safe attachment policies to protect the startup from malicious content in email attachments, and authenticated the domain to prevent spoofing and improve email deliverability.

We also enabled strict spam and phishing filters to stop the barrage of spam emails from ending up in the inbox. To cut costs, we converted four email addresses into shared mailboxes

Upgrade to Microsoft 365

The PROs ugraded the company's existing Microsoft 365 licenses to Business Premium and implemented Microsoft Defender, which offers integrated threat protection for all Office 365 apps, including emails, SharePoint, and OneDrive files.

The upgrade provides improved and more granular security features. The upgrade allowed employees to gain access to many useful collaboration tools within the Microsoft 365 environment, including Microsoft Teams for web conferencing and chatting, SharePoint to share files, and OneNote for sharing notes.

Proactive computer maintenance

We performed a thorough security assessment for all users' BYOD computers to detect any potential malware of misconfigurations. We then installed business-grade antivirus software, ran a full system scan, and cleaned any infected files.

We created a minimum configuration for both PCs and Macs, proposed upgrades, and devised plans to standardize the configurations for when the startup receives funding and has more available resources.

Monitoring, maintenance and Help Desk

To ensure all employees can focus on their work, we set up the logistics company's workstations with PRO's proactive maintenance and antivirus packages. This layer of protection ensures all hardware issues are caught before they snowball and that the devices are adequately protected from malware.

The packages include unlimited Help Desk support, so employees can call with any questions or issues they need troubleshooting, freeing them from spending time on small IT issues.


Cost reduction

Moving away from GoDaddy's email tenant helped the company save costs each month.Using MS Teams instead of having to use a 3rd party web conference tool also helped save resources.

Increased business protection

Enhanced email security (2FA, domain authentication, anti-spam and anti-phishing filters, and safe attachment policies) secure the company's critical and sensitive data. These changes resulted in 90% less spam.

Easier collaboration

Effectively using tools built into the Microsoft 365 suite (such as Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint and OneNote) allow employees to collaborate easily and efficiently - no matter their location.

BYOD protection

By installing a proactive business antivirus package on each of the employees' BYOD computer, everyone can be sure that the business data is secure and safe.

Access to IT talent

Unlimited Help Desk support allows employees to get instant assistance with technology. PRO's skilled multi-tiered team maintains up-to-date secure documentation on business processes and solves any IT issue fast and efficiently.

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