Network Cabling & Security Camera Installation

Having solid and well-designed network cabling at your workplace is crucial. Network wiring isn’t really something people or businesses think about, unless they are having issues. Those issues might include slow speeds, growing needs in the shape of Security Camera installation, redesigning your wiring, or spotty connections.

PRO wiring technicians will investigate your office or business setting and put together a plan of action. We will take into consideration your budget, your environment, specific needs and also future plans for expanding. This will make sure you don’t need to redo your wiring for years to come and you can get the best performance out of your cabling system.

Simple voice systems have been replaced with much more advanced data communications cabling systems requiring more speed and data transmission. Instantaneous exchange of information is a must-have for business’ survival and success.
Such flow won’t be possible with boundaries or bungled up installations of video, data, and voice Network Wiring.
PRO technicians can design and implement wiring that will withstand the fastest data transmission and will never again bottleneck your business operations.

Fiber optic cabling is the newest technology in network wiring, since it is extremely fast and has more bandwidth compared to tradition cable types. Fiber is also excellent for WANs since the signal stays strong for miles.
PRO wiring technicians will install, terminate, and verify the integrity of your cables with our specialized testing equipment. To make sure your cables work flawlessly, we will also check the speed and continuity of data flowing through the wires.
Rest assured that by the time we are done, your connection won’t be the reason behind dips in productivity!

If your business is moving to a different, possibly larger location or even opening a new location, PRO can help you get set up from scratch.
We can start by planning the location for all your necessary devices, then figuring out the best way of implementing it.
We will optimize your network and its wiring, keeping in mind that you may stay there for years to come.
PRO technicians offer skilled technological help that can achieve great and reliable network wiring with minimal interruption.

Server room project development and relocation can be complicated, especially if you are aiming for minimal downtime. Server relocation projects take a lot of planning and preparation. The first step is to come on-site and lay out a plan for the new server room.
Does it answer all the requirements, does it have enough space, what would be the most efficient layout?
PRO technicians will figure out all the nitty-gritty, present you with our plan, then implement and test it. The plan involves maintaining IT service continuity for your employees while also familiarizing ourselves with the shutdown procedure for your servers and the systems associated with them.

Have you discovered a visual fault after the people who conducted the network cable testing and repair have come and gone? It feels terrible to accidentally put your company in dire risk because of subpar Network Cabling.
Oftentimes cable testing is pushed in the background since wiring in itself is very labor-intense. Testing cables can be tedious and time-consuming, but it is very important. If you have any concerns about your cable integrity, we will take our specialized tools and make sure everything works well. If we notice damage, we will also have tools to fix the issue then and there.

Protecting your business with high quality security cameras is extremely valuable and can help you out in the future.
PRO can install and consult you on the best types of video surveillance that will keep your business safe and will nicely fit in your budget.
IP cameras have been especially popular in recent years due to their high video quality, great scalability, and the power to stop and play videos through a convenient interface. 
Having security cameras installed on your property is just another safety measure—this time protecting your physical assets instead of your virtual ones.

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