Web Design & Marketing

A well-built website is great advertising that works around the clock. PRO can help you create a website that is beautiful, informative, and optimized for the best Search Engine Rankings. 

We specialize in increasing the return of investment, website conversions, and the amount of visitors — while maintaining a simple, clear, and attractive image of your business. 

Sound familiar?

WordPress Development & Support

The website giant WordPress runs around 33% of the websites out there — and for a reason.
It is fast, it can be easily updated, and the design options are basically endless.
We specialize in creating or redesigning websites for small- to midsized businesses that want to stand out, have a good conversion rate and get the best return on investment.

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Search Engine Optimization

Getting (and staying) at the top of Google’s Search Engine Rankings can be rather difficult and confusing. Google changes their algorithms often, which makes staying at the top an ongoing work.
Our SEO consultants can help you optimize your website for strategic keywords and come up with a plan that helps your company succeed and stay relevant—no two plans are the same.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a great way to engage with your existing or potential clients, and getting them to notice your business.
Being relevant on platforms enhances your visibility and creates a long-lasting bond with your clients, which makes them want to keep coming back for your services. PRO will help you come up with a strategy that is perfect for just your business.

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Google & Facebook Ads

More businesses are discovering the  benefits of advertising in social media, which is why you need to stand out from the crowd and peak interest. PRO can help you figure out the best keywords, relevant images and taglines that would increase the amount of visitors and increase awareness of your brand—even if you are just starting—subtle and friendly advertising can bring great results.

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Website Audit

A comprehensive Site Audit will check on every aspect of your website to make sure it doesn’t have any oustanding issues. The Audit will point out every specific issue with the website, including all 4xx errors, broken links and images, incorrectly set-up redirects that make you lose traffic, and much more. The Audit doesn’t tie you to PRO, so you can also take it to another business, if you would prefer.

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I moved to Chicago from Estonia just a few years back. I have worked as a translator for about 5 years and still do that on the side. Everyone who knows me will also get regular updates about my adorable Siamese cat whom I brought with me from Estonia. I'm also an avid reader, love astronomy and play more Dead by Daylight than I'd like to admit.


Shares food all the time. Also has a better American English accent than most Americans here.


Leaves energy drinks on her desk for days at a time and continues to drink them days later. Also misses 90% of the time when attempting to throw gum in the trash.

Illustration for a girl in glasses


I was born in Romania and since I know myself I always liked technology. I started with hardware 15 years ago and then I got more into website development, SEO, online marketing and everything that is digital.
I love what I'm doing, and I like taking up new challenges in the digital space, I think I can never get bored. Too few people get paid for what they love, and I think I'm among the lucky ones.


Has access to pretty much every online marketing tool available, which he gladly shares. He’s also wizardly fast when responding to server issues.


Wants to try out ALL the new shiny tools available for marketing and SEO, every time.


Illustration of a male with white shirt and gray sweater


I was born and raised in Romania and in 2002 I gave up my French school plans for a fresh start in the US. After many unsuccessful attempts to join a company as a computer technician, I learned web design and search engine optimization and started to do home visits, helping people with their computer problems – that’s how PRO got started.


Adores his company and clients, coming up with improvement ideas on the daily. And he buys the rest of us lunch!


Wants everything to be done NOW (including lunch deliveries). Makes ordering lunch a national crisis.


Illustration of a male with glasses in gray suit and pink shirt

PRO was a delight to work with and provided the needed expertise. The team combines a sense of creativity with sound technical skills and the patience to effectively guide the novice that I was [through creating a new website].  PRO is very efficient and always completed any request in a timely fashion.

Everyone was pleasantly surprised at how it turned out and the website played to rave reviews.  None of which would have been possible without PRO’s steady, competent presence.

— A Private Homeowner's Association