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A good website is not just about the design. Actually, I would say design helps get the point across, but content is what makes it really work.

At PRO, we are dedicated to making your small business look and sound approachable and friendly. We don’t create content for you, since that rarely ever works out – no one should settle for template-content. You know your business inside and out, so we will help you tailor website content with guidelines and tips.

We then bring it together with customized WordPress design that complements the text and makes your business look more trustworthy and modern.


developing for simplicity & ease of use

Looking for something more complex? Maybe to start selling software or looking for a really customizable web solution?

The PRO team has 20 years of experience in PHP programming, integrating and customizing CRM solutions, and helping your vision come to life.

We are experienced in WordPress web development, web application development and Linux server administration. If you’re looking to go the extra mile and get a smartphone app, we can make it happen.

Client conversions have never been easier

It’s quite simple – you shouldn’t confuse visitors with complicated terms and specifics of your business. Keep it simple and allow them to understand what you’re all about. We’re here to help you with that.

What’s your style – classic, fun and memorable (my personal favorite), or simple? We’ll help you figure out what will work best and bring it all together using WordPress. The best part is you can make edits whenever you want with a simple drag-and-drop tool, so you don’t need to be a coding guru, or be tied to a company forever. Even if it’s right here in Chicago and always ready to help (us, I’m referring to us).

Oh yeah, and we don’t use templates. Just like people, no two companies are the same, so you shouldn’t squeeze yours into a box. This all sounds great, but you’re probably wondering about PRO’s website pricing.




Custom website pricing

As you might have guessed, website pricing depends on several factors, including:

1. NUMBER of pages

Usually, small businesses have at least 4 pages – home, contact, about, services. If you’d like to introduce your products or services better, those should have their dedicated pages.

2. Functionality

Are you looking for a simple presentation website or are you looking to accept payments online? Do you plan on having clients making appointments using the website or subscribing to plans?

3. Special design requests

We will work together to figure out the best way to present your business on your website. If you have specific design requests, it might add to the final price (depending on the complexity.)

4. Technicalities

Do you have a domain purchased? Are you hosting the website files yourself or are you looking for a provider? These can add to the total website cost.

Starting price

The starting price for an in-house custom-made website starts at $2,500. 

Previously mentioned specifics might increase the price.

PRO perks

  • Unlimited revisions
  • In-house custom design right here in Chicago
  • Help with creating content, such as content guidelines and helpful questions. We also polish the content before it goes up
  • Free SSL certificate if you host with PRO*

*Read about why SSL is important HERE

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