Rest easy & start protecting your future with a 

Small Business Continuity plan

Every successful small business should have a continuity plan and a backup server. Protect yourself and your clients.

An irreplaceable part of your business is your records. The risk of losing your agreements, invoices, orders, or blueprints is very real.

“Disaster Recovery” often makes you think of natural disasters, but in fact, only 1% of all data loss happens due to natural crises. 99% is due to failing hardware, simple human errors, or getting infected with malware.

Small businesses are especially inclined to suffer severe damages due to disasters since they tend to have lower margins for error.
Stop feeling anxious about possibly losing critical files.

Your Small Business should be protected against:

Illustration of a secure padlock

Getting locked out of DEVICES due to ransomware

Illustration of a hard disk drive

Failed hard drives, which contain crucial data

Illustration of a thief

Ex-employees destroying or stealing information

Illustration of a fire

Fires, floods, OR OTHER DISASTERS destroying devices and data

Make an informed decision

It feels great always to have a backup plan in case anything goes wrong.

Getting some peace of mind knowing that the business can quickly recover from disasters or accidental loss is priceless.
An employee accidentally deleted a file or downloaded malware on their computer?
You don’t need to stop everything you’re doing to run to the rescue – we will help and get everyone back on track.

We understand that time is of the essence and that everyone should focus on what they do best.

Learn about what type of physical backup works for your small business


We figure out what is necessary, at a minimum, to keep your business running. If you decide to go the extra mile and save your vacation pictures or all of your drafts, we can do that, too.

2. Get a Customized Back-Up Plan

We ask some questions, such as how long can you wait for your backups to finish unpacking and downloading? Can you close your small business for a few days, or do you need your data immediately? We put together a plan and explain everything in detail. Disaster recovery pricing depends on your needs and the answers to the above questions, among others.

3. Enjoy knowing everything is taken care of

We will take it from here, so you can stop worrying and rest easy, knowing your data is safe and sound.

Take the opportunity and discuss your small business’ continuity with the professionals – you will thank yourself down the road.